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Volunteer With Us

The Village has plenty of volunteer opportunities such as building ramps, painting, re-arranging the park, helping out at events, and gardening. We strive to provide an environment where people can develop skills while volunteering. 


Build your skills

An easy way to contribute to the village is by lending a helping hand. Learn new skills like power tools, ramp design and construction, event management, facility repair and upgrade, gardening and more!

We work with schools, rec centers, and community organizations to create a perfect fit for your skills and interests, and provide an opportunity to anyone who may need or want community service time.

Community Service Hours

  1. All individuals seeking to work court-ordered community service must submit required paperwork prior to serving any community service hours and must abide by community service guidelines listed below.

  2. Everyone working community services must complete and sign a liability waiver and our Community Service Tracking sheet.

  3. Meet the minimum age requirement (must be over 14); parents must sign off for work with youth between the ages of 14 to 17.

  4. Dress and act appropriately while on and off the worksite. Wear appropriate safety gear provided when necessary.

  5. Community Service hours are to be worked at the Village Skatepark ATL, on Fridays from 2pm-11pm as available on the Village Calendar.

  6. All community service volunteers must have their Community Service Tracking sheet signed at the end of each day.

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