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 Positions & Responsibilities  

  • Social media intern: creating, editing, and posting content, working with staff to execute marketing strategies, interacting with followers. 

  • Admin intern: scheduling for employees/events, monthly calendar, flier creation, grant/funding research, weekly check in w Aura

  • Gear shop intern: make sales, grip boards, inventory, post products online, keep gear shop clean, repair rentals, clean pads/skates, sweep park

  • Workshop intern: must commit to every Thursday 4-8, learn the setup, manage promotion, assist in building out projects for the village


  • Experience in position your applying for 


  • kitchen use/food when we’re cooking 

  • complete internships term payout $500

  • a year long membership 

  • Free use of the multipurpose space

  • 6 free workshops 

  • free access to events, 

  • Free village market slot

  • letter of recommendation


  • 3 month internship with set hours every month (60 total),

  • 5 hours a week minimum  

  • Weekly checklist to track progress

  • Intern can make their own scheduling 

  • Any dishonest or Illegal actions terminates internship

  • Failure to execute responsibilities terminates internship

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