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The Invisible Army

Mentorship program 

This program is a partnership between Chilly-O and Village Skatepark ATL designed to teacher physical skills , and mental 
health and discipline. Kids will choose and complete a list of task at Village Skatepark ATL in order to earn a bike high quality Bike and other goods.

Once enrolled child will be asked to film a short video detailing their exceptions and experience before and after the program. Then will choose 12 task from the list below to complete( 4 from each section) , once chosen they are not allowed to change the sections and will track their progress on Villages competition board.

 After completing all the tasks the child will be given a graduation ceremony and awarded a new Bike along with certificate and free access to the Village for Life!

Have ever been to Villge?
What kind of Bike do you want to earn?
How will you get to Village?
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