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Learn at the Village

We’d love to have your school, organization, or club visit the Village Skatepark ATL. We are a local non-profit and community focused indoor skatepark. Our field trips focus on hands-on learning, building community, real-world career skills and crafty confidence.

Available times:

Wed-Sat 10:00am - 7:00pm

Currently our maximum capacity is 50 participants.

Every child (<18) needs to have a waiver signed ahead of time, or they will not be able to participate hands on. They will not be excluded, but it will not be the full experience.

Our areas of study focus on:

  • Collaboration

  • Critical thinking

  • Scientific inquiry and experimentation

  • Engineering and fabrication

  • Digital technology 

  • Art

  • Design and Design Thinking

  • Body awareness

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Agriculture

Every field trip starts with a tour of the space, and ends with a group share or reflection. Please account for an extra 30 minutes before and after to accommodate this.

We do not have a full service bathroom, only porta-potties. Please be mindful. 

The village will have a 1st aid certified employee on site. 

Field Trip Packages

Below are the different field trip activities, their prices, and time commitment. Each activity maxes out at 10 participants, unless otherwise stated. You may activate more than one activity during your time, as long as the required area is also rented.

Example Field Trip Invoice

A school is bringing 30 kids on field trip. They have chosen Totebags, Screen Printing, and Fingerboards. They will be required to pay the rental fee for each of the 3 workshops, as well as 2 additional educators to facilitate the students.

ex field trip.png

Field Trip organizers can request information two months prior to the desired date. A deposit must be made in order to confirm the field trip at least two weeks before. Village will then add your visit to our calendar, organize staff, and collect materials.

Field Trips may be rescheduled once with at least a seven day notice.

Refunds are not permitted.

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